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10 Pack thermal poster paper $699.00

Who are we?

Discount Poster Paper provides thermal poster paper rolls, HP supplies, Canon supplies and Elmo presentation equipment at significantly discounted prices. We source our paper locally in the United States, allowing us to provide top quality, fully guaranteed products at discounted prices!

What do we provide?

We have sourced and distributed thermal poster paper that is compatible with most Varitronics® printers and even select thermal wide format printers from other manufacturers. We have provided poster paper to schools, commercial clients and government institutions all over the United States. Call us for a reference list!

Compatible Printers

Our thermal poster paper products are compatible with the following printers:

  • Varitronics® ProImage® 

  • Varitronics® ProImage® Plus 

  • Varitronics® ProImage® XL 

  • Varitronics® ProImage®  Plus 3000

  • Varitronics® ProImage® XL 3000

  • Varitronics® Pro 36® Color  

  • Varitronics® PosterPrinter™

  • Varitronics® PosterPrinter™  Plus

We stock thermal poster paper compatible with most Varitronics® poster printing machines

thermal poster paper color

Black on White  Thermal Poster Paper
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Blue on White Thermal Poster Paper
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Black on Fluorescent Pink Poster Paper
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Our Pricing
We have many other colors and multiple sizes to choose from.
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thermal poster paper price list.

HP and Canon Poster Paper





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